Our Story

Last year my roommate and I were looking for a new apartment. We were excited to move downtown, knowing that the move would cut down our commutes by 30 minutes and we would be a short walk to great restaurants and bars.

We spent hours researching online, reading about different areas of the city and then doing our best to research specific buildings. We wanted to find the perfect place.

After reviewing over 50 apartments online between the two of us, we finally set up a couple meetings. Although they all seemed great, there was one that checked off all the boxes… great location, decent appliances, close to public transportation, bars and restaurants all around, only a 15-minute walk to work and within our budget. We contacted the broker that night to tell him we wanted it.

Moving in and unpacking took a few days, but after we were set up, we were in heaven. Life just got much more convenient. We felt as if we hit the jackpot. We had done our research, we had stayed patient and it was now paying off… at least we thought.

About 2 weeks into living there, we were sitting in the living room watching ESPN, when we both felt this weird shaking sensation. We both looked at each other and my roommate asked, “Are we having an earthquake?” I thought to myself, “How? We live in Boston, this isn’t San Francisco.” But sure enough the water on the table was shaking like the scene from Jurassic Park.

Turns out there was a laundromat located below us that would vibrate our floor once a few machines got going at the same time. We hoped it was something that we would get used to and eventually forget about… but that wasn’t the case. How was this not mentioned in the walk through? Why wasn’t this information public? It didn’t matter how much research we did, this annoyance was going to go undetected.

That’s when we came up with the idea to start TRUE DIGS. See, every home/apartment listing out there is posted and marketed by property managers and owners, who have one incentive: make the sale. As a result, the nitty gritty details like pests, poor appliances, noisy neighbors or even frequent artificial earthquakes go unreported.

TRUE DIGS reviews are created by you, the people that have actually lived in these homes. Our goal with TRUE DIGS is to bring you full transparency so you can have full confidence at your next lease-signing.